Thursday, May 28, 2009



I'm reading Octavius, and this passage that Mark Felix writes about his dear friend reminds me of my friendship with you! (Except the part about Octavius being dead, of course).


"I often reflect on my memories of Octavius, my dear and loyal friend. I remember his charm and sweetness so vividly that it seems that I'm actually journeying back in time - rather than simply reminiscing about events that have long since passed. Although I can no longer actually see him with my eyes, a vivid picture of him is deeply etched into my heart. It's no wonder that I've missed this remarkable and holy man so much since he departed this life.

"He radiated a deep love for me at all times, during both work and play. The things I loved, he loved. The things he disliked, I disliked. You would have thought that our two bodies shared but one mind. He was my confidant in my loves; my pillar of support in my mistakes.

"And when I climbed out of the gloomy abyss of spiritual darkness into the light of wisdom and truth, he did not cast me aside. Rather, he also turned to the way of truth - and even outstripped me in his spiritual walk. For that reason, when I was recently musing over the events during our many years of intimacy and friendship, I reflected at length on our time together..."

-Mark Minucius Felix, Octavius